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September 18, 2004

Done with the books!

I've had trouble finding time to post to my blog this week, as I was catching up on work after being on vacation, doing some interviews for a vacant position at my office on Tuesday, visiting some members on Wednesday, and attending a conference on Thursday and Friday. True to form, yet again I was away from home as hurricane Ivan's remnants bore down on my house and family (I was, however, around for Gaston).

This afternoon I completed the recommended reading for the CAE exam by finishing off Principles of Association Management.

This book was essentially a summary of Professional Practices in Association Management. It hit on basically every topic in Professional Practices, but in less detail. Overall I was pleased with the way it read as well as the content, but after receiving so much detail in Professional Practices and the Association Law Handbook, this reading seemed cursory in comparison. Perhaps I should have begun my reading with Principles.

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