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September 26, 2004

Deja Vu

I'm now re-reading sections of Professional Practices in Association Management as I hurtle towards the December 3 CAE exam. My strategy is to primarily skim the book and read thoroughly the sections I'm less comfortable with.

It's getting harder and harder to post to this blog as I am really in the thick of my busy season. Taking that vacation a few weeks ago was really the only way I could have gotten through all of the recommended reading before the review course.

Is that a phonebooth in that tree? Here we are bracing for another batch of tropical rain as Jeanne works its way up the east coast. Tuesday is a GWSAE Network reception where they plan to recognize me for winning the Banff Scholarship for Emerging Leaders and to name me a Rising Star in the association management category. I really hope the storm is not so strong as to prevent my travel to DC.

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