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December 28, 2004

Deep thoughts on the CAE exam

Well, I'm almost a month removed from the exam, and I am still feeling like I have no idea how I did. Even the people I felt were best prepared for the exam have told me they don't have any sense for how they did. A friend told me she felt like she had done well enough to have a chance of passing. That sums up my feelings pretty accurately.

My advice to people taking future CAE exams is stick to the basics. I spent several hours going over some really obscure material, and it probably helped me get two or three questions right. Future candidates: spend your time in the recommended reading. Unfortunately, the recommended reading is doubling in size starting with the May exam.

It should be another week or two before I find out if I passed. ASAE says they'll report scores within eight weeks, but a co-worker got her results in early January. Until then, I just wait and wonder.

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