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March 01, 2005

Tip #6: Best vs. Easiest

This is tip #6 in a series of 13 to help you pass the CAE exam. Forward this tip to a friend.

I admit it. I prefer the path of least resistance. Masochists enjoy trouble, I don't.

Because I prefer things to be easy, on the exam, I frequently debated with myself on answers to questions that asked what is the best option. On the CAE exam, I think it's safe to say that best never equals easiest.

There was a question on the exam about what would be the best way to train volunteer leaders that I remember very clearly (probably because I changed my answer as time expired on the test). At first I selected the "easy" choice, but after debating the question in my mind, I reasoned that the easiest option wasn't the best choice, so I changed my answer. So don't confuse easy with best. In fact you might consider easy to be the opposite of best, at least for the purposes of the CAE exam.

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