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March 02, 2005

Tip #7: The Leadership Hierarchy

This is tip #7 in a series of 13 to help you pass the CAE exam. Pass this tip along to a friend.

If you read the selected survey results I posted a while back, you probably saw a few comments about how many "Leadership" oriented questions there were on the exam. This really surprised a lot of people, including me, since the leadership domain was considered to be one of the least testable domains, and the content outline reflected that. However, a co-worker passed along this tip to me as I was studying for the CAE exam. She noted that there was a leadership hierarchy and that many of the leadership questions came down to being able to apply it to the scenario.

The hierarchy is as follows:

Most important: Legal
Very important: Ethical
Important: Relational
Not so important: Procedural

In other words, for this exam, you should respect the law over your ethics over your relationships over your procedures. There may be a few exceptions to this tip, but it really helped me.

Many of the scenarios on the exam will pit your relationships against your procedures, your ethics or the law. If you follow this hierarchy, you'll be right 9 times out of 10.

The next tip will build upon this concept to reveal how to deal with a trick question I guarantee you'll see at least once on the exam.

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