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April 13, 2005

And lo, heavenly trumpets were heard throughout the land

Got my CAE plaque yesterday! I guess I was expecting to receive it at the annual meeting, but I don't mind getting it early. Plus I won't have to lug it home from Nashville with me.

My CAE Plaque


David Gammel said...

Hey, it's landscape now! Mine is in portrait orientation and is currently obscured by a big stack of files.

Are you going to get to walk the plank, er stage, in front of everyone? I've heard they are slimming down the general sessions this year and I figured that the CAE recognition would be moved to a stand-alone event or something.

Ben said...

Hmm, the two other folks here in the office also have landscape. One earned his back in the 80's, I guess, and the other just last year.

I am hoping to strut my stuff on the catwalk during the annual in Nashville. See you there? Actually, I probably won't be able to see anything with all the spotlights and flash-bulbs and my entourage! ;-)