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April 12, 2005

A clear sign the apocalypse is upon us

Or at least a clear sign that one of two magazines is expendable. My April 2005 editions of Association Management and Executive Update arrived simultaneously yesterday. I have heard from a consultant who works on it that all indications are that Executive Update will be the ASAE/Center magazine that gets axed as a result of the merger. Actually, I'd really like to see both magazines stay. I hope that ASAE and the Center can find a way to make that happen.

In a follow-up to a previous post, you can find me (or my desk, at least) on page 91 of Executive Update this month in a cool department they call the Unprofile. They cropped my photo, so here's the rest of the picture (click it for a full-size view):
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Chris said...

Yep, Ben with a fairly orderly desk is a sure sign that the end is nigh. I think one of the four horsemen just galloped past my window. Best get my guns and ammo ready.

Ben said...

Heh, well if my desk is the indicator, perhaps the end is not quite so near. There is quite a bit more crap on it right now.