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June 28, 2005

I surprised myself

I presented my member outreach session yesterday at ASAE's Marketing & Membership Symposium and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction I got from my peers. The audience of 150+ was clearly entertained by my self-effacing humor and I took quite a few questions during the presentation. A few consultant-types approached me after my session to comment on how comprehensive and strategic our member outreach program is. One even asked to interview me for a project she's doing.

For this conference I've amassed quite an elaborate display of plumage -- those ribbons that cascade from your badge at meetings?
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The symposium has been good so far -- not enough time for hallway learning in my opinion, but there was an idea exchange yesterday where we worked in groups to critique marketing collateral. It was a great peer-to-peer learning experience. I also got some compelling insights on "members as citizens" from a mock trial that the Center for Excellence in Association Leadership and Leadership Outfitters did together. Definitely some take-home actionable information.

There's one more day of programs left, including the closing session by Dr. Steve Carey, CAE that I'm most looking forward to. Perhaps I'll have an opportunity to blog from the train on my way home.

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