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August 26, 2005

Changes coming to your ASAE dues bill!

You may well receive an email from ASAE in the coming months with this subject line.

ASAE formed a membership task force about a year ago and they are in the process of making recommendations for changes to the board. I'm sure many of you remember when ASAE did away with the extra fees for its sections. Well, I seem to remember something from the leadership breakfast in Nashville that led me to believe they might be considering bringing them back.

My memory is admittedly fuzzy on this point, though. News about the return of the Banff Scholarship for Emerging Leaders so excited me that it overshadowed virtually everything else I heard during the leadership breakfast.


Jeff De Cagna said...

Sorry Ben. I messed this up twice, so let me try a third time and see if it is the charm. I have not picked up a whiff of what you're suggesting in any of the conversations I've had. I think the changes that are being contemplated will be done within the premise of open access in mind.

Sorry again for botching the job on the first two attempts...chalk it up to the jet lag I'm experiencing right now!

Ben said...

That's good to hear, Jeff.