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September 07, 2005

I can't believe it's over

Summer is gone, and we're plunging into our busy season here at VSCPA. This season has been one of profound personal and professional growth. A few highlights from this summer for me:

  • I'm watching way less television and reading more
  • I've taken time to just sit outside and enjoy nature and the weather
  • My daughter turned three and loves to swim
  • My relationships at work are stronger than ever, and it's paying off
  • I painted our living room and it looks great
  • I had a life-changing experience at the Banff Centre
  • At the ASAE/Center Annual Meeting I participated in the CAE walk
  • I recorded four audioblog posts
  • The Space Shuttle returned to flight
  • Washington DC's baseball team is in the post-season mix
  • I did my first public speaking gig for ASAE & the Center

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