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September 06, 2005

MBTI: T or F?

On the suggestion of my coach, I recently re-took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Something (or some things) have happened in the past couple of years since I last took the test, because I have changed from an INTP to an INFP. My T wasn't all that strong to begin with, but the F has overtaken it.

In my mind, some of the change is absolutely attributable to my experience in Banff, where I learned that I sometimes don't take others' feelings into consideration when making decisions. I have made a concerted effort to change this, and it appears to have produced some results.

My N and P are off the charts, I really don't see those changing anytime soon. However, my I is borderline. Perhaps it too will change at some time during my life.


Anonymous said...

I learned in graduate school that most people do, in fact, explore their less dominant sides as they move on in life (particularly at "mid-life" I'm told). So you can expect some shifts, even in the N and P elements, perhaps.

INFP's rule!


Chris said...

I always knew you had that touchy-feely thing going on :) As an INFJ, it's a fine line when it comes to considering other folks' emotions when I make decisions. I wonder if its the F or the J coming into play?

Ben said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. I don't see my N or P ever becoming S or J, but some shift towards them is possible, of course.