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September 21, 2005

Who you gonna call? Ghost bloggers!

Meanwhile, at the Global PR Week site, there's an interesting article by Dave Taylor about fake blogs. I have rather strong feelings about the topic -- I think they're a terrible idea and a corruption of an authentic communication vehicle. It seems Dave picked up on a comment I left on his blog a few weeks ago and integrated it into the end of his article.


Dave Taylor said...

One of the great things about being an active blogger, as you clearly know, Ben, is that you can have your ideas and perceptions evolve as others in the community offer different perspectives and views on topics. There's no question that when I wrote about fake blogs for Global PR Week 2.0 I was influenced by my initial articles on my own weblog and the cogent and thoughtful responses that you, and many others, left.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for being part of Global PR Week!

Noing said...

I share your concerns and am particularly worried about the corporate world hijacking what is - for the most part - a constellation of private citizens expressing sincerely held views.

We'll be posting on this issue in a couple of hours so come along and add your ten cents.

As nice as the guy above sounds, doesn't it smack of smarmy PR?