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October 08, 2005

This blog doesn't matter

Maybe I should stop blogging after reading this article:
Blog subscribers seek out small universe of sites - Yahoo! News

I think Jim Lanzone's view of what "really matters" is itself narrow. Do we gauge what is important only by sheer volume? In many cases, the things that only a few people are discussing are perhaps more important than what the masses are consuming.


Sue Pelletier said...

This is like saying kindergarten teachers don't matter because they only reach 30 kids a year, instead of the millions Sesame Street reaches. Or that associations don't matter, because they only reach a portion of the general population.

To me, if you touch one person in a way that matters to them, you matter. And Ben, what you write here has touched at least this one person many times. Please don't stop.

Ben said...

Well, I think you're right, Sue. But I guess my thoughts don't "matter." ;-)