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December 20, 2005

New management perk: Satellite phone

If your association has fully considered alternative realities, then it has purchased a satellite phone to communicate during times of national crisis or local catastrophe. At least, that's what Dr. Steve Carey, CAE of Association Marketing and Management Resources states in his Ins and Outs for Associations and Nonprofits for 2006 (MS Word file 66KB).

There are a lot of important issues addressed in this easy to read document, and it's fun to benchmark your association against what Dr. Carey states are best practices and what he proposes are practices that have fallen out of favor. Aiming at a sacred cow concept in research, he states that Web-based research is becoming standard practice and "web-based surveys can provide most all the information and data needed for decisions on products and services." This assertion flies in the face of the established view that conducting research online introduces bias.

Make sure your full management team sees this document.

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