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February 19, 2006

Social Entrepreneur: Tired idea in new clothes

I'm so confused.

Why is the term Social Entrepreneur getting any attention at all? I first heard about it back in September or October of 2005, and thought, this is simply a jazzy, empty term invented by people who are just now discovering the cool stuff associations and nonprofits are doing. Then Associations Now runs a piece on it in their February issue, somewhat validating this ridiculous "discovery."

It's a just a new buzz-word to describe what association managers have been doing for decades.

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1 comment:

Nick said...

I agree with you, it is a buzzword. From what I've seen/read, it's much more applicable to the fluff that happens in the c-3 side of things. Less applicable to the ASAE crowd. However, using the term could help people think about the way things are done. People get so fluffy-headed about "causes" and so putting entrepreneurialism (obviously, in practice, not just in word only) could be a form of outreach to folks who might actually have some biz sense.