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February 21, 2006

They haven't always posted so frequently

If you haven't checked out the We've Always Done it that Way blog recently, do yourself a favor and head on over there. There's been a deluge of really great posts over the past few days. A few choice lines:

On checkbook members (aka Mailboxers): Let’s say my organization has 20,000 members, of which perhaps merely 10% are involved in association activities. To my way of thinking, I actually have a membership of 2,000 and a subscriber base of 18,000 people. Why should I include in a membership count people who demonstrate no interest in making a meaningful contribution to the organization’s success?

On meeting planning lead times: Traditional meeting planning processes often require that a session proposal be submitted six months before the event will actually be held. Given the speed with which our world changes today, that strikes me as an unacceptably long time in which to lock-in the majority of your event’s content.

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