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February 22, 2006

When generalists dream

He doesn't post often enough, but Jeff Cufaude is one of those bloggers that I indulge because once in a while he posts something remarkably interesting. Check out this post about the TED conference he's attending. Here's a little excerpt.

1000 people have shelled out $4400 each in registration fees to be a part of one of the most eclectic conference communities I've run across in a long time, as well as hear from luminaries ranging from Al Gore to 11-year-old violinist Sirena Huang... And in an experiment this year, TED let participants like myself propose and present 15-minute preconference sessions that made for a raucous morning of laughter and learning in what was billed as TED University. Before presenting three sessions on Asking Better Questions, I learned how to make roses out of paper napkins and how to use the newest Kodak EasyShare digital camera.
Oh how I wish I could go to the TED Conference.

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