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March 06, 2006

Cease and Desist Letter

I'm posting this letter to my blog to see if my blog writers are listening. Let's see how this goes...

Date: March 6, 2006

To the proprietors of:
The Manufacturers Blog
Meetings Industry Soapbox
View From a Corner Office

Re: Non-Full Text RSS Feeds

I am a current subscriber to your blog.

This will serve as your official notice under provisions of common law to cease all non-full text RSS communication with me. If you fail to heed this notice within one week, I will file a formal complaint against you and unsubscribe from your feed.

I have unsubscribed from other blogs' non-full text RSS feeds in the past without giving such notice. I felt the need to notify you of my impending decision because your blog does contain very worthwhile content that I enjoy reading. But in light of the fact that many other blogs offer full text feeds which compete for my attention, I have decided that, in order to conserve my time, I do not desire to receive non-full text RSS feeds from blogs under any circumstances.

If I should be forced to unsubscribe from your feed, I may in the future choose to visit your blog via hypertext transfer protocol, as circumstances warrant and when convenient, which I anticipate will be much less frequently than you post to your blog.

Give this very important matter the attention it deserves.


Ben Martin
RSS Subscriber

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David W. Kralik said...


Yup...we're listening...we read your post!

But, unfortunately, no, we don't plan on changing anything anytime soon. Lots of people like our RSS feed just the way it is and the fact that traffic is growing month over month indicates that.

Robert Scoble said...


That might be. But it would grow faster if you did full text.

Why? I had 30,000 readers yesterday. They won't learn about you until you do full text feeds.