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March 21, 2006

Delicious spam leaves bad taste in mouth seems to be the place I'm receiving the most RSS spam. I'm subscribed to a couple of RSS feeds for tags like these ones for attention and associations. Over the weekend, some bonehead RSS spammer started tagging dozens of splog posts with dozens of tags, including one of the tags to which I subscribe. So on one occasion this weekend I opened up my Bloglines account to find 20+ spam RSS entries. Thankfully, the staff were quick to remove the spam after I reported it.

I guess this is an unwelcome side effect of social media. Still, it makes me wonder if regulation might be coming sometime down the road, and what companies like are doing to prevent spam from entering their systems.

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1 comment:

David Gammel said...

I hope it is never regulated. This kind of spam is taking advantage of networks to get their messages out. Top down regulation will not do anything constructive to prevent it. The network itself will have to evolve to combat it. Collaborative spam filters are an example of this.