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March 17, 2006

Burrito Wars: Part Dos

Did anyone else find the exchange between Kevin Holland and David Gammel (aka Darth Vendor) about the Chipotle website vs. Baja Fresh website amusing?

Well, chalk up a point for Chipotle's web site. They just implemented a new Don't Stand in Line feature that allows you to order your burrito online and then pick it up a few minutes later. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Gotta go, mine's about ready!

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Zach Wilson said...

I'll tell you what, after just trying to do it the first time from our office...i have one comment, isn't there any other way this could be done without creating an account? I mean that alone took longer than it would to tell them what I want on my tacos. Second, I think the UI for this is pretty aweful...I mean shouldn't it at least choose a pick up time at least 5 minutes into the future instead of the minute that you login? It took me more than a minute to get down to 'GO' my first time and then had to go back and change the time to something in the future.

Maybe my next experience will be better. Oh wait, just tried that for giggles. Guess what? It doesn't remember what my store is!! Guess i'll have to select that everytime I want a burrito from across the street. Silly rabbit.

Ben said...

I agree the UI is not great, and needs some refining. On the plus side, they do offer a "get the usual" feature. Love that thing.