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March 14, 2006

Scoble is right & why I blog

I've been thinking about ways to monetize my blog recently. Everyone's doing it. Go to partial text feeds (yeah, right), drive more traffic to my blog, and throw up some advertising from Google AdSense or something. Then I get reminded by Robert Scoble of why I blog:

It’s the small things on blogs that matter to me. It’s the small things that make us human. Increasingly our blogs have lost their humaness. We’ve become marketing machines.
Right on, Scoble. I'm not doing this for money or traffic or whatever. So, why do I blog?

Because I enjoy thinking deeper about Associations and capturing my thoughts. Because I care about my profession and my work. Because I want to share what I learn and experience. Because just today I got an e-mail from a reader thanking me for writing this blog.

Sorry to get all mushy on you.

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