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March 05, 2006

Wave 3.1 Super-Trend Discussion

Research in Action: Super-Trends Discussion is about half way over. Every two weeks we tackle a new super-trend from Mapping the Future of Your Association, the new environmental scan from ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership. Here's a short snippet from the Wave 3.1 summary.

[One participant] asked, what are associations doing to move "beyond the production of information products to offer enrichment and learning through the application of knowledge?" She offered that associations need to turn "data and information into knowledge and wisdom" in order to thrive.

In post #3, I offered another step to help associations cope with Wave 3.1: Help members implement what they learn, and help them evaluate their improvement. Doing so allows you to demonstrate to members that their association helps them be more productive, reduce costs, make more money, or whatever it is you help them do.

[Three participants] offered different terms to describe a new role that associations have with respect to the "bad information" that is floating around nowadays. Whether we're debunking myths, filtering, or making sense of information, we're all trying to help our members deal with the flood of stuff that competes for their attention.
You can still join in the free discussion, if you're an ASAE member. Just email to sign up.

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