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May 05, 2006

Converts text blogs to podcasts

Talkr -- Letting blogs speak for themselves:

"Talkr allows you to listen to text-only blogs on your iPod."

Sure, the podcasts sound as if you're being talked at by a girl robot, but this is a pretty cool service.

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Jeff De Cagna said...

Ben, I appreciate the pointer, but there is a catch. When presented with the terms of service you must agree to let Talkr include advertising in your spoken word blog posts, i.e., podcasts. If you don't accept the advertising, you cannot create an account. I did not accept the advertising, so I won't be using the service at this time.

I agree that Talkr sounds pretty cool, but I don't think they will attract as many users as they could if they changed their business model to be more flexible in how advertising is used. The all-or-nothing approach they are using now is offputting to me and I suspect many others.

Ben said...

That is a bummer, Jeff. I guess that's why this service isn't more prevalent in the blogosphere.

Chris Brooks said...

Good morning Ben and Jeff,

Thanks for posting about Talkr. I would just like to correct the impression about advertising -- you are welcome to opt out of having advertising included. There's a checkbox at the end of the Terms of Service -- if you uncheck that checkbox, you can still use Talkr's service, and we will not insert advertisements into the audio created for your blog.

Thanks for trying Talkr!
-Chris (