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May 05, 2006

CAE exam is over!

It's after 1:00 on the West coast and that means everyone in the continental United States should be done with the CAE exam. Congratulations on making it through!

I was recently asked for more details on my earlier observation about increased traffic to my blog in advance of the CAE exam, specifically increased traffic to my 13 tips to help you pass the CAE exam post. Here's what I wrote to my secret inquirer:

Here's the best way I can summarize the increased interest in my tips. I have a table of contents for my 13 tips at It's the all-time most popular page on the blog, next to the index, of course. Since I started tracking statistics for my blog back in November 2005, it has gotten 1086 page views from 247 unique visitors. Between March 3 and April 2 it got 193 page views from 43 unique visitors. Between April 3 and May 2, it got 450 page views from 85 unique visitors. I didn't do anything to promote it (other than make an unrelated post to my blog), but yesterday [May 2] was my all-time highest daily hit count for that page with 57 hits from 14 unique visitors. As a point of reference, exactly 100 people passed the last CAE exam.


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