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May 31, 2006

Executive Summary blog post

Okay, the Leaders Summit is over. Why do I now have less time to blog? On the surface, this makes no sense at all.

A couple of things I've been meaning to blog on, and haven't been able to find the time. Here's what can only be described as an executive summary of what would have been several blog posts over several days.

  1. Read this interesting article in Wired about a new phenomenon (or buzzword): Crowdsourcing. This phenomenon sounds familiar, but I think it could actually be quite different than some wisdom of crowds and e-lancing experiments that have fizzled or failed. Under this model, this time it might actually be sustainable. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of crowd surfing than crowdsourcing, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
  2. ASAE & The Center's Annual Meeting blog went live on May 22, but was only announced today in ASAE's In Touch newsletter. Jeff De Cagna, apparently incapable of impulse control, uses the phrase "wicked cool" in the very first post. *Sigh* Look for Jeff to post the words Lobstah, Cah and Chowdah soon. Posts about Dunkin' Donuts, a tea party and the Sox can't be far behind, either.
  3. Speaking of Jeff De Cagna, I joined his Skypecast on innovation, embracing constraints and a healthy disregard for the impossible today. It was an intimate conversation, mostly Jeff, Jamie Notter and me, but it was cool nonetheless. Someone from Bahrain dropped in for a moment. Apparently Skype is huge overseas. I finally signed up for Skype in order to participate, and you can Skype me if you'd like. My alias is bkmcae.
  4. Another story in ASAE's In Touch newsletter caught my attention. As the father of a three-year-old, I'm sickened by the rate at which college tuition fees are rising. So the headline Free College Online? caught my attention. Not that I'm looking for a free college education for my daughter, but when will colleges and universities be held accountable for these staggering increases in tuition? Hopefully it'll be within the next 14 years. There's only one other industry that can get away with fee increases like institutions of higher education do. Both industries need to do something to keep their fee increases closer to the rate of inflation.
  5. If you're keeping score at home, Association Health Plans became Small Business Health Plans. The Senate was unimpressed with the name change. They killed it. A tangential observation: Apparently Small Business is more wholesome term than Association.
  6. I was talking with a technology consultant the other day. He said only a handful of people in his company of about 100 people had titles on their business cards. Before I had this conversation, I thought I believed titles were somewhat superfluous and hierarchical. Now it's hard to imagine not having a title on my business card. I guess the more impressive your title gets, the more you want to flaunt it.
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Jeff De Cagna said...

Ben, the guy who photographs license plates while driving his car should think carefully when commenting on my impulse control! ;>)

Thanks for mentioning the Skypecast. Next one is on June 14 for anyone who is interested.

And FYI, it is De Cagna and not DeCagna. Thanks!

Jeff De Cagna said...

And, just for the record, that's The Sawx ya chowdahead. ;>)

Fred Simmons said...

It's a tagstravaganza!