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June 08, 2006

Suggestion Box slip for WHADITW

I'm not a contributor to We Have Always Done it That Way, but I have a couple of entries I hope they'll consider for their book. Here's the first one:

The means to an end is an end in itself. I think all too often, hard-driving executives are so focused on the end result, that they forget that the process of arriving there matters -- especially to those who work around them. I have to admit that, at times, I'm one of those people that thinks that only the results are important. I don't care what it takes, let's just get it done. But in today's environment, a leader's professional role is not just to ensure that stuff gets done, but to ensure that it gets done with understanding, compassion and empowerment for those around him or her. In the long run, knowing that the means to an end is an end in itself is a far more efficient and effective management principle than the ends justify the means.

This is just the seed of a post and needs fleshing out, but I hope someone at We Have Always Done it That Way will take this concept and elaborate on it.


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