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July 11, 2006

Majority still don't have RSS

Firefox usage is on the rise, but Internet Explorer (IE) still has a commanding lead (more than 83% of the global market) on the competition.

"Firefox now holds 12.93 percent of the market, up from 11.79 percent in May. The open source browser commands a 15.82 percent usage share in the United States"

One of the features that makes Firefox superior to IE is that it has native support for discovering and aggregating RSS feeds. But when IE7 gets out of beta in the coming months, 80% of the world will have native support for RSS. When this happens, members will start asking, "Why aren't you offering RSS feeds?"

Wouldn't it be better to offer feeds before members start asking for them?

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Zach Wilson said...

We use these stats for reference:

FF is down a touch from last month, I can only assume because of the IE Beta 3 release. I don't know if i'll even brave it and test out IE7...I am pretty content with Moz/FF.

Rick Johnston, CAE said...

I couldn't agree more, Ben. I have been advising our association clients at Ironworks for some time to get on the RSS bandwagon before it BEFORE their constituents demand it. Of course, not everything requires an RSS feed but associations should start with Web content such as news, advocacy or research updates... any content area that is regularly revised and where some members would have a timely interest in knowing of these changes.

I use Firefox at home and still like it but use IE 7 (Beta 2) at the office. In addition to RSS, I really like the tabs feature that allows multiple pages open in the same browser window. Best of all, when you print a Web page, IE 7 adjusts the page width to fit on the printed page.

Ben said...

I have the install file for FF just sitting on my desktop. Been there for at least a week. I'm satisfied with IE. Why should I switch?