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August 03, 2006

Very exciting stuff -- for me, anyway

I'm totally stoked about some upcoming stuff:

1. ASAE & The Center's Annual Meeting is just two weeks away! If this year's conference is anything like last year's, it's going to be fantastic.
2. I'm really excited to get a copy of ASAE & The Center's new Seven Measures of Success book, which is an adaptation of Jim Collins' Good to Great for the association world. Read an excerpt of chapter 5.
3. I'm closing in on 500 posts to the Certified Association Executive blog! Only 19 posts to go!
4. Association Bloggercon 2006: Sunday, August 20 at 12:30 p.m. at the Boston Convention Center. Stay tuned for exact location.


1 comment:

Zach Wilson said...

Well we'll definitely be in on this. Let us know if there is anyway that we can help or contribute!