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September 13, 2006

Companies behaving badly

I'm not one to raise a stink, but I've got a problem with two companies blowing me off.

Remember David and Kevin's burrito wars? Well, I'm about to declare war on Chipotle. Since pimping their Don't Stand in Line feature a few months ago, things have gone south in my relationship with Chipotle. Based on a few bad experiences I have been having at their store near my office, I felt compelled to write to Joe, Chipotle's customer advocate. I wrote to Joe about two weeks ago. Still haven't heard back. Say it ain't so, Joe!

I'm also about to get LinkedOut, or UnLinked. Roughly a month ago I posted about association involvement in LinkedIn. About the same time, I inquired about setting up a LinkedIn group for my association, and despite their promise to get back to me in 3-4 days, I still haven't heard jack. I just submitted another form, this time selecting boxes that indicate my willingness to potentially pay for some services. Let's see if that gets their attention.



Marc Sirkin said...

I did finally get a response from LinkedIn regarding a group, filled out some forms, created some small logos and emailed them back... haven't heard anything in more than 2 weeks.

I'm not willing to pay (or even pretend like I might!).

Shawnte Reynolds said...

Yeah, the are behaving very badly indeed. Random question: do you say "Chi-pote-lay" or "Chi-pole-tay"? I'm just asking because my husband says the second one and it drives me CRAZY! I haven't seen their don't wait in line advertising. It reminds me of the Bon Secours billboard that says, "30 Minutes or Less" for being seen in the ER. So, if they don't get to you in 30 minutes, is your medical bill free? It should be free! If your pizza doesn't arrive in 30 minutes, Domino's gives it to you for free.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@ Mark: So I'm not the only one. That's simultaneously sickening and comforting.

@ Shawnte: That's one heck of a first comment!

Anonymous said...

Well its been over 6 months since your posting on your attempts to start a LinkedIn group - Any updates?