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November 27, 2006

Wiki CAE

Seven months later, I've finally gotten around to creating an entry for Certified Association Executive on Wikipedia. Please stop by and flesh it out a little.

By the way, my entry has been flagged as potential spam in the Wikipedia system. Anyone with tips on how to get this CAE entry to stick, please comment here or email me.



Jeff De Cagna (Principled Innovation LLC) said...


I suggest linking the article to the Wikipedia entry on professional certification. Also, you should look for external references to the CAE, i.e., non-ASAE & The Center, that can bolster its importance.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Thanks for the hints, Jeff.

Nathan Larson said...

Don't feel bad; my Rejection Hotline article also got nominated for deletion.

David Gammel said...

I added a link to news paper mentions of the CAE and deleted all the editor flags. Let's see if it sticks.