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January 04, 2007

2006: A ho-hum year for the blogoclump

Underwhelmed? I'm feeling it too. Do you think last year was a bit of a downer for the association blogoclump? Overall, it just didn't seem as exciting as 2005. Maybe the novelty wore off. Virtually every author hit the wall last year, especially towards the end of it, with long stretches between posts for many of us, myself included. Heck, I couldn't even pull together this best-of post until after the new year. So, lest this post drift into February, here are the superlatives for 2006.

Ironically, the 'clumper who might be considered the most reluctant to start blogging in the first place, Jamie Notter, was the best association blogger of 2006. He posted regularly on high-level topics relating to leadership and strategy. His posts usually cite meaty articles from Harvard Business Review, Forum, Associations Now and others. I always enjoy the way he draws upon his experiences and other readings to extend, challenge or cite applications of the things he blogs about. And if you consider Jamie's posts at the Association Renewal and We Have Always Done it That Way blogs, his posting frequency might even have challenged my levels (looks like I had over 300 posts last year).

The best association blog of the year goes to the Principled Innovation blog, authored by Jeff De Cagna. Jeff always writes about significant topics in his posts, lays out strong opinions (backed up with strong reasoning) tries new things, mixes in audio with text and so on. Jeff's posts are always the first ones opened in my feed reader.

There is a three way tie for best new association blogger of 2006. I decree that Mary Ghikas, Ann Oliveri and Mike Mason shall share the honors.

The best new association blog of 2006 has to go to Acronym from ASAE & The Center. Yes, yes, I blog at Acronym, but even if I didn't, it would still be awesome. Scott Briscoe and company have done a remarkable job with Acronym, and I think everyone is looking forward to the next year.

The best comment of 2006 goes to Zach Wilson Fred Simmons at Gulo Solutions for this one on Acronym. Hysterical!

The worst comment of 2006 also appeared on Acronym. It's right here. Yick!

Most buzzed and blogworthy thing to happen in 2006 has to go to the book/blog We Have Always Done it That Way. This book is way cool. Close runners-up are 7 Measures of Success and the Association Forum's Association Professionals Through the Ages video.

What have I missed? Nominations are still being accepted. Comment!

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Fred Simmons said...

The spam comment on Acronym was actually mine. But thanks for recognizing us! We're honored.

zmonteca said...

Yes, you've got to give all humor props to Fred.

Good one!