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December 31, 2006

Year end meta data

December brings out the end-of-year stuff, and here's a post with some 2006 meta data for the Certified Association Executive blog. Watch this space for another post on my best-of's for posts from the rest of the association blogoclump.

Top post for the year:
13 Tips to Help You Pass the CAE Exam

Top referring blogs:
High Context
Nick's Book Blog
Church of the Customer

Top associations accessing this blog:
National Funeral Directors Association
American Society of Association Executives
American Society of Civil Engineers

Oncology Nursing Society
Florida Institute of CPAs

Highest number of page views in one day:
November 30, 2006 with 360 (day before CAE exam)

Top Search Terms:
Certified Association Executive
Ben Martin
CAE Certification
CAE Exam
CAE Blog

Top non-obvious search terms:
Pimp my Office (#15) - comes up #7 in Google
MySpace is Stupid (#36)
Ben Jovi (#41) - comes up #2 in Google
Leadership Hierarchy (#50)
Bad Taste in Mouth (#64)

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