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February 01, 2007

Online debate

There's an insensitive expression about arguing on the internet that I won't repeat. Still, people love to debate in online forums, on blogs, etc. If there's a winning side to these debates, it's virtually impossible to determine which one it is.

ConvinceMe is an interesting new website that allows users to debate one another and harness the wisdom of crowds to determine the winning argument or side. There could be useful applications of this site for associations seeking to gain the insights of its members on important issues, though it appears (in my opinion), that outcomes might be biased towards one of two options.

As we all know, debates in associations are typically far more nuanced than "either-or" discussions. Limiting discussion to one of two choices will likely, in my view, produce a far less useful conclusion than a debate embracing numerous points of view. Still, there may be something useful at ConvinceMe for association executives who can navigate these biases.

Via TechCrunch.

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