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January 30, 2007

GIC situation close to normal

Internet connectivity still not up at the Marriott, but things are somewhat back to normal for the GIC. Once again this post is coming from my BlackBerry, so please excuse any typos. Because half of the meeting space is still without power, participants are squeezed into the remaining meeting rooms for the morning sessions. The only exception is a session that was moved to the lobby bar. :-) Although the networking reception went off without a hitch last night, several of the attendees were relocated to other hotels on the island due to a power outage in the south sleeping room tower. The headline on the local morning newspaper delivered to our doors this morning read, "Marriott Evacuated."

The ASAE staff has been extraordinary in helping attendees find their meeting rooms and making sure the show goes on. They have proven their mettle through this difficult ordeal which was far beyond their control.

The electrician who was injured in the fire is said to be recovering at a local hospital.

As for me, I've already departed the Marriott and am headed back to the airport, via limo! I guess I'm the only one flying out of the Naples airport at this hour. Most attendees flew into Fort Myers.

I'll have more when I can get to a real keyboard with internet access.

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