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March 27, 2007

CAE Podcast: Interview with Richard Lewis

A while back I blogged about the Prometheus Retreat, which ASAE & The Center decided to stop supporting due to low attendance. This podcast interview with Richard Lewis, the volunteer chair of the Prometheus Retreat 2007 planning committee, should help everyone to understand what Prometheus is, and how the volunteer-led retreat will be different than (and similar to) the Prometheus Retreats of years past. As soon as I have registration information for Prometheus 2007, I'll post it here. The podcast runs about nine minutes.

I think this chain of events around Prometheus is a fantastic object lesson in the changing dynamics of association leadership, especially with respect to virtualization and demassification, two trends identified Mapping the Future of Your Association. Ten years ago, if ASAE had decided to pull the plug on Prometheus, it would have died. Today, a group of volunteers can organize the event and pull it all together in a matter of weeks. Fortunately for ASAE & The Center, the organizers don't resent the association for no longer supporting the retreat with staff and other resources. If they were harboring ill feelings towards ASAE, they could have caused some problems.

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