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August 22, 2007

Mmmm. Wild Apricot Widgets

Wild Apricot, makers of (as best I can tell) a hosted AMS/CMS hybrid product, have added widgets to their array of offerings:

We are excited about new capabilities released last Friday - Wild Apricot widgets - which can be used to add a wide variety of interactive services to any existing web site - online member application forms, secure member profiles, online directories, event registration and online donation forms. Of course, there are many ways to add an online form to your site, but here we are talking about forms which are automatically integrated into a database and the results are available on your website immediately, for example as a searchable directory - or a member profile.
I'm not as smart as Wes Trochlil about AMS stuff, or David Gammel on web stuff, but this looks like a really significant development. To my knowledge, Wild Apricot is the first CMS or AMS provider in the association-specific space to roll out widgets.

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Jeff De Cagna said...

Ben, I think you're right and it is long overdue. I'm surprised (but not shocked) that associations have not started to develop web widgets, desktop widgets or Google gadgets to simplify access to content. Perhaps Wild Apricot's efforts will inspire others.

Soha El-Borno said...

Ben, thanks for the mention and I love the headline! We're very excited about our widgets and as Jeff said...hope to inspire others!