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August 22, 2007

Church of the Customer Priestess & me

Jackie Huba and Ben Martin, originally uploaded by schipulites.

One of the highlights of my experience at ASAE2007 was to shake hands with Jackie Huba, author of Citizen Marketers and blogger at Church of the Customer. Why am I holding up my index finger? Click through to the photo to find out!

Huge thank you to Javier Avellan for taking the picture with his super-nice camera. A shot with my cell phone would have turned out oh-so-badly, and would not have done justice to this very special moment for Jackie and me.

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Nathan Larson said...

Oh, I thought it was one of those "sign of coercion" things.

Javier Avellan said...

Thank you for the link and mention. Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!