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August 23, 2007

ZOHO whips Google

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In my recent presentations on Web 2.0 technologies that association professionals can use to engage and collaborate with their members, I've mentioned IsraelCalifornia-based Zoho on multiple occasions. Zoho is a free online office suite with everything from a word processor, to project management, to database applications, to screencasting and so on. Every time I talk about them I say, "Zoho is where Google hopes to be in two years with their Docs & Spreadsheets service."

Today, I learned via TechCrunch that Zoho has begun offering offline editing on their word processor app, and that their other modules (spreadsheets, etc.) will be adding this function in the near future.

The crazy part of this story is that the technology Zoho is using to create the offline editing feature is based on stuff developed and released for free by Google.

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Zoli Erdos said...

Ben, I'm a Zoho-fan myself, just wanted to add a small remark: they are based in California, not Israel.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Zoli, thanks for the correction.

Lindy Dreyer said...

I've been using Google because I hate setting up new accounts...but I'm envious of the ZOHO facebook app that I noticed on Jeff DeCagna's profile.