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January 12, 2008

Something remarkable happened in November 2007

Remarkable if you're a Facebook fan, anyway. For the first time, Facebook overtook MySpace in all three Alexa measures: Page views, reach and rank. MySpace reclaimed the lead in December, but given these trendlines, things look good for Facebook to take over as the undisputed number one SNS on the net.

This wasn't widely reported in the media, but that's not really much of a surprise given that MySpace is a tool of a major media outlet. What's your take, Lee?

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Jay Karen said...

You crack me up, Ben. You sure know how to pick good subject lines/titles for your posts. I've been challenging my staff to be as creative and clever as they can about coming up with email subject lines for emails to the members. We are noticing a nice improvement in open rates.

I think Facebook overtook MySpace just after the time you created your page right? You are the definition of catalyst!

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Jay, if you define March 2007 as just before November 2007, then sure, I'll take credit for it. :-)

I've been taking more time to think about my post titles. Thanks for noticing, I'm glad to hear it might be paying off.

Lee Aase said...

Hey, Ben...I've seen some posts taking issue with the Alexa numbers, but I don't think there's any question that the momentum is all on Facebook's side. I'm at a Sales & Marketing conference in Phoenix right now, and was talking with a friend I met a few months ago, and asked him if he was in Facebook. He said no, because he's looked at his kids' and hates what some of their friends have done, turning the whole background black, or really garish.

I told him, and then showed him, that he was projecting MySpace onto Facebook, and that Facebook is much cleaner. When he saw that, he said he was going to join FB when he gets back to the office Thursday. He'll be one of 250,000 people joining that day.

MySpace's negative connotations is actually one of the limitations Facebook has to overcome.

Bob said...
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bob said...

I definitely agree with Lee, myspace presents quite a few problems that I haven't found with facebook or ning. If you're planning to get members or peers into social networking, avoid myspace.