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February 28, 2008

Three effective uses of a blog for association magazines

Here are four things I elicited from being on the panel at the Society of National Association Publications' lunch and learn event yesterday.

  1. If an association publishes a magazine less than twice per month, it will probably run out of blog content in the interim if it is only repurposing magazine articles for the blog.
  2. Additional content, like extended stories, member-generated articles that didn't make the editorial cut, and source audio from live interviews, can be gleaned from the publishing process to supplement association magazine blog content.
  3. Should an association magazine have its own blog, or should it be rolled into an association's "organizational" or "master" blog? The latter: Magazine content should be rolled into the organizational blog. There are easy ways to segment the content into categories, and it will help you attract more readers via the long tail.
  4. Associations have the ability to overtake dominant blogs in their industry or profession because they have large membership lists to whom they can send email promoting their blog. It's not too late to dominate. Yet.
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