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February 27, 2008

Social media fear factor rears its ugly head at today's Society of National Association Publications lunch and learn

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Jeff De Cagna said...

Amen brother.

Vinay said...

I don't get it. What's all the fear about?

As I see it, social media will actually make our communities far stronger. And for those "negative" comments? Folks, what are we really trying to hide? Hey, if we're afraid someone might point out our flaws, well, let me be the first to say I, VINAY KUMAR AM NOT PERFECT. Let me repeat, I VINAY KUMAR am not perfect. Whew! Feels so good to get that finally out in the open and all that pressure to be perfect off my chest.

Seriously folks, to me some of my best clients have been who have been very hard on me and they lead me to actually get better, get stronger.

If someone is whom we perceive to be negative, often there is something there that can actually benefit us in the long run. We just have to really listen and be open.

Then there is freedom of speech. I don't think that Constitutional Amendment says that people have the freedom to speak only what we define as good things. I don't think so folks.

While it's OK be fearful as that's only human, it's time we get over it, and we move forward. Social Media is here to stay, whether we like it or not. There are huge opportunities for us. If don't participate and take advantages of these technologies, someone else will. So better we do it.

Andy Steggles said...

dude, totally love the posting... recording a podcast while driving... never a moment of downtime! amazing...

I totally agree about the fear of social media. The best example i use is - this has an entire membership process attached to joining. Joining is free, but only to qualified individuals i.e. any type of MD. They've been going for about 2 years, offer an incredible network of communication and networking tools for their members (note members and not customers) and they have over 50,000 subscribers already!

If this isn't enough of a reason to wake an association up then what is?


Vinay said...


What you mention is exactly the sort of thing I been writing about on the ASAE Listserves. But sometimes I feel that either I am not communicating well, maybe I am missing the point, or I am not being able to get my message through. But I don't think I am off on what I forsee.

Maybe I am the one loosing it. But topics that seem to get most discussions going are those of operational nature. But strategic types of postings rarely go far. Perhaps that is not the forum for such discussions? Or am I missing something here? If I am, I don't mind being told I am. Seriously.

With the way things are going, I am seriously thinking associations are in for a ride, if they don't change something, and change it fast. And it's not just a matter of getting on the Social Media bandwagon. There is more to it then that.

From what I see so far, assn's seem to be mostly focused on getting information out as cheaply as possible and providing networking opportunities. Honestly, as I see it, as more and more sites such as come up, associations are going to be in a for a real tough spot, to say the least.