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June 19, 2008

Do you know about Blogger in Draft?

For those of you who, like me, write or contribute to blogs using Blogger and Wordpress, you know how limiting Blogger is compared to its open source sister. I can't seem to kick Blogger to the curb, so until I conjure up the bravado to just make the switch, there are a few Wordpress-like features available to Blogger users at to tide me over.

My favorite feature at Blogger in Draft that isn't available at regular old Blogger is scheduled posts. Yep, you can post-date a blog entry and have it appear at some point in the future. Wordpress users know this feature is great for lining up posts several days into the future when you seem to have too much content, or for appearing to be blogging whilst on vacation.

Of course, as luck would have it, while trying to post date this entry, Blogger in Draft is repeatedly throwing an error (error code bX-cvczyp to be precise). Anyway, give it a whirl. But if you're thinking about starting a blog, use Wordpress.

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Lindy Dreyer said...

I checked out Blogger in Draft a while back--the features they're testing are super-cool. But I've read that you really need to be brave, since it is a testing ground and the new features are buggy. Now you've confirmed it.

I've been able to schedule posts in regular old Blogger. It's relatively new, but you can do it.

I still think Blogger is the easiest, friendliest way to start a blog. But you're right. If you're serious about blogging, Wordpress has a much bigger community supporting add-ons and awesome-ness.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

So much for my tip. Hmph.

I agree that Blogger is absolutely the easiest, friendliest blogging platform. I've done a few blogging presentations and I try to get a volunteer from each class to set up a blog right there in the classroom. I always set them up on Blogger.