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June 18, 2008

Kudos to the CAE commission

Congratulations are in order. ASAE & The Center's CAE commission is collecting feedback about the CAE exam content outline by wiki. This is a significant step towards openness in the credentialing process, allowing the very members who are certified to have input into what the exam should cover. To all of those who say the CAE program is outmoded, outdated, irrelevant, or whatever, here's your chance to be heard.

Of course, "critic" is the easiest job on the planet, far easier than taking action to correct the very flaws we love to point out. Unfortunately, this is reflected on the CAE exam content wiki. Only one edit has been made to the wiki since the content was first loaded on May 21. Kristi Donovan gets a shout-out for making the lone change to the outline.

I'm thinking about organizing a conference call to work on this. Anyone interested?

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Kristi said...

I'm in for a conference call. I thought the wiki was very cool! Thanks for the props. I suppose I should get moving on that blog, eh?

elizabeth said...

Ben, if you put this together, please let me know and I'll get the word out to the CAE Action Team. I KNOW people would like to participate....

Kare Anderson said...

I absolutely agree:

"Anyone can bring people together in real life. In fact, social technology is a highly effective springboard to highly targeted face to face interactions."

That's why I think it may take a savvy up-start to "steal" an association's members, offering both the social media tools to facilitate sharing and learning and the in-person conferences to cement the relationships and to spur the kind of connection that can only happen in person.

Yet those conferences could be contracted out of course (right MeCo & MiForum?)