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August 07, 2008

This one almost flew under the radar

One of the most fascinating things about coming to work in the Realtor association family is learning of the sheer number of Realtor association professionals. With well over 1000 local and state Realtor associations, there are probably as many Realtor association executives (commonly referred to as AEs) as there are members of ASAE & The Center. Because of this, the National Association of Realtors has a significant section of its website devoted to AEs (lots of this information is pertinent to all associations, by the way) and actually publishes its own magazine just for association executives. Anyway...

The nice people at REALTOR AE magazine interviewed me for a story about social media recently. I forgot all about it until the Spring 2008 issue finally made its way through the inter-office routing "system" and landed on my desk yesterday (they've already published the Summer 2008 issue).

Have a look, you don't even have to work for a Realtor association to read it!

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