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September 15, 2008

Twitter is the worst for crisis communications, except for all the others

Ed Schipul has a passion for crisis communications and social media for emergency responders. His company consults on issues like these. His boutique firm, Schipul, employs several folks in Houston, directly in the trail left by Hurricane Ike.

In light of my two recent posts about using Twitter as a crisis communications tool and Twitter's abysmal uptime history and subsequent improvement, I got a charge out of Ed's two recent posts about using Yammer for mobile crisis communications. Turns out Yammer isn't without its flaws either.

I hope we'll hear more from Ed about this after his power comes back on and his life begins to resemble normalcy again.

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Ed said...

I owe a post on this. On a grade scale I'd say Yammer was probably a "B" for crisis communication. Not that it didn't work, just that it isn't designed for crisis communication out of the box.

Their marketing manager contacted me and I will write up how they could have a "crisis mode" option that would make it a much stronger offering.

That said, tip of the hat to Yammer. the only thing working on my cell from Friday night to Sunday evening (Hurricane Ike hit Friday night) was SMS. Yammer DID deliver the ones that were configured. It really held us together.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

Thanks for chiming in, Ed. My best to you, Javier and the others on your staff. Once things get back to normal, let us know how it went.