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September 04, 2008

Twitter uptime update: Maybe not as bad as previously reported

The other day I posted about's abysmal uptime record. Well, Biz and the Twitter team must have been reading (as they normally do every morning, or so I have heard) because today I got this e-mail from Biz himself (his addy is, if you didn't know) reporting that Twitter's uptime has been well above 99% in August and the first four days of September:

Twitter has been making great progress in terms of uptime and reliability. Fail Whale sightings are far less frequent these days thanks to our efforts but we still have a long journey ahead. Last month we saw 99.88% uptime and so far this month we are at 99.96%. Our engineering and operations teams have been taking a very methodical approach to improving Twitter. We're using the word "craftsmanship" to characterize our work here at the office. Reliability and dependability continue to be top on or [sic] list of key goals.
Spoken like a company in search of another round of VC.

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