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November 14, 2005

Banff Scholarship for Emerging Leaders Returns!


I am euphoric that ASAE & The Center have resurrected the Banff Scholarship for Emerging Leaders. They've also added a scholarship for the Invitational Forum on Leadership and Management. Here's an excerpt from a post on the Emerging Leaders Learning Community:

...ASAE & The Center has partnered with the Canadian Tourism Commission to present two scholarships for Emerging Leaders. One is for a week-long program at the Banff Centre and the other is for registration and travel expenses to attend the Invitational Forum on Leadership and Management. For details visit
If you've been reading this blog for six months or more you learned about my trip to Banff after I won one of the scholarships in 2004. If you meet the eligibility requirements, I encourage you to apply. It will be worth it.

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