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March 30, 2006

Progress in the war on RSSpam

Continuing my RSSpam meme (two earlier posts), here are a few victories being won in the war on RSSpam:

The first image in this post shows that Blogger is now requiring word verification before allowing a post from a suspected splog. I would guess there are more splogs on Blogger than on any other blog platform. For some reason, Blogger think I'm a splogger, even though I've completed word verification about 3-4 times and have attempted to opt out of this. Please fix this pronto, Blogger.

The next image is from I love the context of their word verification "Are you a human being?" I guess this limits their potential market to homosapiens. They might live to regret that.

Here are some other RSSpam fighting tools: Feedrinse and ZapTXT can filter your RSS feeds on keywords, so you can filter out the junk. Feedrinse only scrubs five feeds at this point, and ZapTXT only allows you to get your filtered feeds via e-mail or SMS. Sigh. Someday, someone will create a feed reader that filters out the RSSpam.

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