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June 14, 2006

Attention, please!

David Gammel, CAE and I are doing an "unsession" on the attention economy at ASAE & The Center's Marketing & Membership Conference. We recorded a short podcast to bring you up to speed on some of the issues for associations in light of attention economics.

During the conversation, I state that the AttentionTrust, a nonprofit working to advance the concept of attention economy, sells its users' attention data. Not so. However, I still haven't figured out exactly what the benefit for users is.

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Ed Batista said...

Hi Ben,
I'm the Executive Director of AttentionTrust. Our mission is to educate people about the existence and potential value of "attention data," i.e. all the forms of metadata that reflect what we pay attention to (and what we ignore), and to empower people to capture and make effective use of their attention data, via our own free, open source Attention Recorder, or some other tool.

We stand for the principle that individual users have the right to own, store, move, and exchange their attention data. And as new services are developed that employ this data, and as people become aware of it's value, the ability to exert control over your own data (rather than have it vanish into a corporate or government database you can't access) will become increasingly important.

How will we make use of our attention data? It could help us better understand ourselves and our interests, help us connect more efficiently with relevant content and commercial offers, help us connect with people who share our interests, and will certainly have a significant impact on the world of advertising and marketing.

Ultimately, though, I'm inspired by the words of John von Neumann, one of the first computer scientists, who described the potential uses of computers in 1945 this way:

"Uses which are likely to be the most important are by definition those which we do not recognize at present because they are farthest removed from our present sphere."

We'll see what happens ;-)

Ed Batista
Executive Director, AttentionTrust