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June 14, 2006

A tale of two upgrades

I had two very different software upgrade experiences this week. One good, one awful. Let me preface this post by saying that the laptop I installed these programs on is less than two weeks old.

On Monday, I was prompted by Adobe Acrobat to upgrade my reader. I wasn't working that day, and had a little idle time, so I proceeded to download the upgrade. I started the install, and was prompted to reboot. That's when things got messy. The computer restarted and continued the installation. Then, I was prompted to reboot -- again. So I restarted and the installation continued. For a third time I was asked to restart! Three restarts for one upgrade? Not good. Not good at all. And I don't see a lick of difference between 7.0.8 and whatever version I was using before.

Then, yesterday, taking a cue from Rick Johnston, I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. I downloaded and installed the program, and only one restart was needed. Major upgrades, enhancements, and new features in IE7, with only one reboot. Fabulous.

There was a dust-up last week over Microsoft's decision to leave out native PDF support in its Office 2007 suite and Vista operating system. Based on this experience, I have to say Microsoft made the right move.



Fred Simmons said...

Maybe Flash Paper will gain in popularity. Same company now.

Jeff De Cagna said...

Nothing beats Firefox.

Jeff De Cagna said...

Thanks to Fred for the pointer to Flash Paper. Had not heard of its but certainly new of Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia. Great product! I purchased a single user license for $79. I think it will be a great addition to stuff I'm doing on my website.